Mindful Clinicians are united by our commitment to clinical excellence and providing concierge mental health services. We provide enhanced care and limit patient loads to ensure adequate time and availability for each patient. We offer more flexible scheduling and longer evaluation and follow-up sessions than most providers. Mindful Clinicians take the time to give each patient the best treatment possible. We also make house calls and can provide secure online video sessions so patients can maintain their mental hygiene from the comfort of their own home or office. Unlike most other concierge practices, Mindful Clinics does not charge retainer fees and operates as a fee-for-service cooperative.

Mindful Clinics Philosophy



Because complex psychological conditions rarely respond to a one-dimensional treatment plan, at Mindful Clinics we take an integrative approach to mental health care. We take into account the whole person, and through the intelligent combination of multiple methods of treatment, we address the biological, psychological, social, familial, and developmental factors that are unique to each patient. We bring together traditional and alternative methods of treatment to provide more holistic, responsive, and effective care. Though Mindful Clinicians are independent providers, as a cooperative, we have the capacity to consult with and advise each other so patients can benefit from our multidisciplinary body of knowledge.

In addition to addressing psychological, behavioral, and interpersonal issues, Mindful Clinicians always address underlying medical conditions that can affect mental health, including hormone imbalance, nutrient deficiencies, and sleep disorders, all of which can impact mood, anxiety, and impulse control.



Mindful Clinicians are committed to practicing evidence-based mental health care. We use the scientific method and stay informed about research findings in the mental health field to guide treatment and monitor patient progress. We combine the best research evidence with clinical expertise and patient values to inform treatment decisions. When clinical evidence supports prescribing medication or recommends dietary supplements or vitamins, we believe in using the minimum therapeutic dose and monitoring blood levels whenever possible. We believe in using a collaborative approach to care, one in which patients are educated about their mental health and play an active role in shaping their treatment plan.

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