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Mindful Clinics FAQ

  • What is Concierge Mental Health Care?

    Concierge mental health care provides busy patients with the most convenient and flexible way to receive treatment. At Mindful Clinics, our treatment providers can meet with patients at their homes or other locations of their preference in the Greater Los Angeles Area. We respond quickly to requests for appointments, and we are able to accommodate patients with phone sessions and secure online video sessions.

  • Are Mindful Clinics services confidential?

    Yes, Mindful Clinics services are confidential, and the law protects communication between patients and Mindful Clinicians. We take patient privacy very seriously and know it is an important part of providing a feeling of trust and safety to patients. Phone contact, office visits, and house calls are all confidential, as are all records maintained about patient treatment. We cannot ensure the confidentiality of email or text communication and encourage patients to be aware of this. Information about patients is never disclosed without their written permission, with three exceptions:

    • Suspected abuse or neglect of a child, dependent adult, or elder adult. Mental health providers are required by law to report this to authorities.
    • Threats of imminent, serious bodily harm to oneself or another person(s), including that which could result in death or grave disability. Mental health providers must notify the police and inform any intended victims to ensure their safety.
    • Legal proceedings. Mental health providers may be required to release information about their patients if there is a court order or legal proceeding that compels them to do so.

    Please contact your Mindful Clinician if you have any questions or concerns about confidentiality and we will be happy to discuss these with you.

  • Does Mindful Clinics accept insurance?

    In order to maintain patient privacy, Mindful Clinics does not work directly with insurance companies. Mindful Clinicians are not paneled with any insurance companies and do not accept Medicaid/MediCal or Medicare. Mindful Clinicians do not discuss patient care with insurance providers, which means we do not provide insurance companies, or any third-party payers, access to our clinical notes and do not participate in utilization review for reimbursement decisions about patient claims.

    For patients who have a PPO insurance plan, some Mindful Clinicians can provide a “superbill” as out-of-network providers. A superbill is a medical receipt for services that have been paid for in full by the patient. The patient receives the superbill from their provider every month and is responsible for submitting it to their insurance company, which then reimburses the patient directly. Patients who choose to use this option should be aware that PPO insurance companies require the disclosure of diagnostic and procedure codes on superbills in order to provide reimbursement for the services provided. Also, PPO insurance plans reimburse out-of-network services at variable rates, and receiving a superbill from your Mindful Clinician does not imply or guarantee reimbursement from your PPO.

    Please discuss any questions about fees and insurance with your Mindful Clinician prior to starting treatment; we are happy to provide additional information, including questions you can ask your PPO insurance company about your coverage.

  • What Are Mindful Clinics Fees, and Which Methods of Payment are Accepted?
    • Fees vary based on the Mindful Clinician and the service they are providing; all fees are discussed prior to starting treatment.
    • Payment for office visits or house calls is due at the close of each session and can be made with cash, check, or credit card.
  • What is the Mindful Clinics cancellation policy?

    Due to our commitment to each patient, we start and end sessions on time. Patients are responsible for keeping their regular appointments and providing as much advance notice as possible if they need to reschedule their appointment time. Patients are responsible for payment of missed sessions if they no-show without notice or provide less than 24 hours notice for a cancellation.